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Sorting Systems & Grape Reception
Sorting Systems & Grape Reception

P&L Specialties has a complete line of equipment to process fruit from harvest lugs to ½ ton bins. Our innovative designs are the result of over 20 years of experience and thousands of pieces of equipment.

Our designs have evolved and been refined with the direct input from our customers. P&L Specialties invests thousands of hours annually on product improvement and equipment R&D. We make this investment in our products so they will deliver results for you.

Crush pad equipment is a large investment that many can't afford to do twice. Our equipment is the purposeful result of careful attention to detail and craftsmanship. Let us take the time to explain the differences, dispel the myths, and deliver results.

Sorting Systems & Grape Reception

Flawless Performance, Minimum Maintenance

P&L Specialties provides operating and specification information with our new equipment. We also offer on-site training and our customized Equipment Maintenance Programs.

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