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LT™2+2 MOG Separating System – US Patent #7,581,646

P&L Specialties’ LT™2+2 has all the advantages of the LT™ with a higher processing capacity.  The LT™2+2 is mounted underneath or downstream from your destemmer, this machine's innovative design allows unripe "shot" berries, stem jacks, raisins and MOG (Material Other than Grape) to pass through two wedge-wire screens.LT™2+2 Must Sorter

LT™2+2's gentle shaking motion then allows the whole, ripe berries to easily pass onward. This technology dramatically reduces the labor required for post-destemmer sorting. As featured in a recent Wine Business Monthly New Products section, “The LT™ means a giant leap forward in the quality of must going to your fermenters!”

Manufactured entirely of stainless steel, and equipped with a VFD for complete range of speed control. The LT™2+2 is very easy to operate, clean and allows juice to be captured. The LT™2+2 can be designed to fit into your existing line or, of course, will integrate easily into a new P&L Specialties’ processing line.

NEW! –

Hi-Impact Nema 4X and UL listed enclosure provides better protection of the electronic controls.

Remote control pendant with ‘on/off’, speed ‘up’ and speed ‘down’ buttons on 25’ tether.

Optional parallel screens available in 3/16” , 5/16th”, 7/16th” gaps. Allows you to sort specifically to your fruit variety and/or condition. We have had repeated success sorting in a broad range from .25 ton/hour to 12 tons/hour. Results vary with condition of fruit, degree of separation/sorting needed and production speed you require.

In production in California, Washington and Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Canada this season we saw dramatic reduction of shot berries, petioles, leaf, unripe green seeds and insects. P&L Specialties is seeking patent protection for this proprietary design.

For MOG separation and de-juicing at lower speeds, see our LT ™2+2

Sorting Systems & Grape Reception

Flawless Performance, Minimum Maintenance

P&L Specialties provides operating and specification information with our new equipment. We also offer on-site training and our customized Equipment Maintenance Programs.

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