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Bin Handling System

Bin Handling System
The P&L Specialties’ 1⁄2 Ton Bin Washing and Handling System reduces the time spent washing and handling bins and provides savings in labor, energy and water usage. Our innovative and proven design allows the forklift driver to remain seated on the forklift during the loading, washing and unloading processes.

Bins are loaded at the inlet where they queue for the fully automatic wash, rinse and drain cycles. When the bins are completely washed inside and out, rinsed and stacked 4 high, they are conveyed to a staging area for the forklift driver to pick them up and take away for reuse or storage.

This system can be configured to include dumping of full bins, stacking and un-stacking, or further conveyance for storage. Rinse water and solids are separated through a series of screens and the water filtered for reuse. Solids are managed and collected keeping them out of your waste water system.

The machine features all stainless steel construction for longevity and is equipped with fully programmable NEMA-4 enclosed controls. P&L Specialties has engineered designed and manufactured this unit using only the finest components.

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