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Precision Waterjet Cutting Services

Stainless Steel • Aluminum • Copper • Zinc • Hardwood Stone • Granite • Glass • Ceramic • Acrylic • Composites

Does your business need precision cut parts?
Do you need a dozen, a hundred or thousands?
Do you need multiple types of parts cut from the same material?
Do you need a vendor to produce prototypes?

Call us. Our OMAX CNC waterjet cutting machine is available for contract cutting jobs. We’re experienced in working with a wide variety of materials for a broad range of applications.

Applications for Waterjet Cutting
• Mechanical parts, gears, tracks, flanges
• Assembly frames
• Decorative pieces
• Signs, letters, logos, symbols
• Custom counter top and floor inlays

Parts can range in size from less than a square inch up to 60" x 120".


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